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Seedify Meta Studios proudly presents
the next evolution in gaming metaverses.
For players. By players.

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Metaverse is about transforming users into creators!

Let's explore how you can collaborate, build, and create your metaverse land with Seedworld Land Editor!

Stake your A seedworld crafting tool

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Maximize your Mounts potential by gaining access to exclusive benefits and rewards.

buy your A seedworld crafting tool

Claim your distinct look, gain some distinct privileges.

A seedworld crafting tool

Reveal your

A seedworld crafting tool
6000 Unique Pieces

Discover the thrill of being a true Vanguard, forging paths in an open, limitless world filled with mystery and adventure. Immerse yourself in captivating/gamified experiences as you pave the way for future explorers. Seedworld awaits you.

Vanguards mounted in their mounts crafting the metaverse
A Seedworld Vanguard mounted in a seedworld mount, traveling the metaverse

Wanna Play?

Find Your Favorites

Shooting. Racing. Adventuring. No matter your gaming preference, prepare yourself – and your Mounts – for Unreal-powered action at its finest.

Get Your Game Plans Ready

What Will YOU Create?

They say great games take teams of hundreds to complete. And several years. No. They just need you and the Seedworld toolset.

Vanguards mounted in their mounts crafting the metaverse
A look inside the Seedworlds metaverse

Team Up and Dream Up


Work with a community of like-minded builders and players. Inspire them. Let them inspire you. Kick ass together.


Filled with possibilities ... Extract, craft, and trade!

Seedworld economy

Seedworld is a persistent, real-world economy Metaverse. In Seedworld, you can extract resources, assemble blueprints, craft items for yourself – or to sell to other players. You can also gather resources by joining experiences made by other creators, or use the resources you got, to reward users who visit the experiences you created.

Ametar, which is the seedworld currency


Said to be derived from the divine spark of the Gods, Amé is Seedworld’s virtual currency – and the ingredient of many magical recipes.

A palm tree representing all seedworld metaverse resources


Seedworld Lands yield vital – yet limited – production resources. You can use the resources for crafting, selling, or using them as experience/game rewards to attract many users.

A seedworld crafting tool


In Seedworld, crafting and professions have a grand role. Mastery to be able to craft more special stuff, even more so. Become one of the most looked after craftsmen, and enjoy the riches of your trades.

Crystals representing the value of web3 blockchain integrated economy

Web3 Integrated Economy

Seedworld is a true real-world economy. You can exchange resources you don’t need into Amé, which you can then exchange into cryptocurrency. You can also trade items you crafted in the NFT Marketplaces.


Our talented team consists of professionals who have previously worked at renowned companies such as Ubisoft, EA Games, Microsoft Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm Games, and more. Their expertise and passion drive our mission to create a groundbreaking virtual world that captivates and empowers its users.

With a combined workforce of over 90 dedicated individuals, Seedify and Seedworld are committed to revolutionizing the web3 space. We strive to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within our community, ultimately shaping the future of decentralized technologies.

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